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ISSN 2160-0104                    NANO: New American Notes is Open Access and Peer Reviewed




(updated 21 March 2015)


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NEW: Issue 7: The Aesthetics of Trash

Guest Edited by David Banash and John DeGregorio

◼︎ NANO Special Issue Introduction: The Aesthetics of Trash by David Banash and John DeGregorio

◼︎ Trash as Trash as Art: Reflections on the Preservation and Destruction of Waste in Artistic Practice by Stacy Boldrick

◼︎ Trash and Aesthetics in the Hoard by Charmaine Eddy 

◼︎ Out of Site & Out of Mind: Speculative Historiographies of Techno-trash by Mél Hogan and Andrea Zeffiro  

◼︎ Notes on Cool: The Temporal Politics of Friendly Monsters and the E-waste Aesthetic by Sabine LeBel 

◼︎ Trash Aesthetics and the Sublime: Strategies for Visualizing the Unrepresentable within a Landscape of Refuse by Emit Snake-Beings     

◼︎ Drawing a Transductive Ecosophy in Process: Technical Arts, Residual Matter, Associated Milieus by Gisèle Trudel


Issue 6: Cartography and Narratives

Guest Edited by Matthew Bissen and Laurene Vaughan

◼︎ Katy? by Denis Wood

◼︎ NANO Special Issue Introduction to Cartography and Narratives by Matthew Bissen and Laurene Vaughan

◼︎ Walking the Everyday by Matthew Bissen

◼︎ Walking, Drawing, Indexing: Representing Bodily Experience of Landscape by Aileen Harvey

◼︎ A Contemplative Atlas of Transition by Laurene Vaughan

◼︎ Memory and Identity in the Emotive Map of Alain Resnais' Hiroshima Mon Amour (1959) by Jytte Holmqvist

◼︎ Sense-Making and Map-Making: War Letters as Personal Geographies by Christina M. Knopf

◼︎ Poetic Cartography, Love, and Loss: On Piecing Together a Father by Francesca Rendle-Short

◼︎ The Transect as a Method for Mapping and Narrating Water Landscapes: Humboldt's Open Works and Transareal Travelling by Lisa Diedrich, Gini Lee, and Ellen Braae

◼︎ Plotting an Unfinishable Landscape Architectural Project: By Way of Beginning... by Kate Church

◼︎ Smell Map Narratives of Place—Paris  by Kate McLean

◼︎ Zanci Station: Exploded Diagram, Single Channel Video, 4min 15sec, 2013 by Dominic Redfern

◼︎ NANO Special Issue Outro to Cartography and Narratives by Sean Scanlan