Style Guide for NANO: New American Notes Online

PART I: Style

  • Submissions should be sent to NANO as Microsoft Word documents or as RTF documents.
  • Use the 8th edition of Modern Language Association (MLA) style, including in-text parenthetical citations and a list of Works Cited.  
  • NANO does use URLs for web sources. See examples below.
  • Each parenthetical citation should refer to an entry in the list of Works Cited.
  • NANO does not publish endnotes or footnotes.
  • NANO does use hyperlinks, but they must be vetted by the editorial team.
  • Separate sentences by a single space.
  • Text should be free of specialized formatting, including line, page, or section breaks.
  • Text should be double-spaced, 12-point font, and use a standard font, such as Times New Roman.
  • Any unfamiliar, non-English words should be italicized.
  • Avoid using quotation marks for emphasis.
  • Titles of books, movies, and journals should be italicized.
  • Standard American English is preferred.
  • Use gender-neutral language.
  • The author assumes responsibility for securing permission to reproduce media files (images, film, sound, etc.) published by NANO. Please refer to nano’s Fair Use information on the Submissions page.
  • [Please contact NANO if you have any specific questions about style, citations, or format:]


PART II: Selected 8th Edition MLA Works Cited Examples:

-Coming soon-